Crafting an Instagram Strategy

Crafting an Instagram Strategy

There are as many social media marketing strategies as there are people to conceive them. They can be inspired by a multitude of things. The ones that become popular however are so because they’re effective. The best strategies are simple and applicable across the board. They should only need minor tweaking for the individual. Here are some easy ways to increase your following.

Word to the wise…and not too wise

If you haven’t made your Instagram account yet you’re in luck. There is nothing to fix, no bad habits to correct and posts to delete. If you have, finish reading and see how your current content checks out with the information you’re about to take it. Nothing is set in stone and individual feel is important, especially in marketing on Instagram, but like anything else, there are guiding principles you may want to follow.

Crafting a social media strategy

What is your page about, who are your followers, what are their interests, when will they be online and what do you want them to feel? These are all questions you should take a bit to think about and brainstorm answers to. Those answers will be the foundation of your strategy. Your personal tastes are absolutely relevant, but your page will cater to people that aren’t you, so they take priority.

You don’t need to have every detail hashed out before you get started. The idea is to get a general outline. That outline is what will guide your content creation. That’s what will shape the world is your page. That’s the world your followers get to hang out in when they’re on the platform.

If you aren’t sure what direction to take your content keep in mind the value of entertainment, education, and comedy when allowed. If your niche doesn’t allow for any of these you may want to forget social media altogether. If it does but you can’t think of how, invite a friend, coworker or professional to bring their creativity to the project.

Automating the social aspect

What all the time and effort you put into crafting a strategy and creating content you may or may not want to spend time playing the social part of the game. Luckily for you, if you’d rather pass bots are an option. The top alternatives to Instagress can be easily found and will do the work for you.