Different Types of Ladder – Choose an Appropriate One to Match Your Project

Ladders are essential for home improvement enthusiast as well as for professional contractors. DIY homeowners are always dealing with projects like wall painting, hanging lights outside, or cleaning the roof. A high-quality ladder is necessary. Selecting a ladder from a range of varieties depend on your needs. For example, step ladder is good for basic household needs, while extension ladders help to access the roofs or outdoor siding safely.

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Types of ladder

Step ladder

A common type of ladder with self supporting design is most versatile for daily household use. These have large steps for easy balance. Avoid using the top two rungs for maximum safety. Step ladders height is generally up to 8 feet.

Step stools

Step stool makes reaching highest storage cabinet or dusting bookshelves easy. Step stools are designed for children. They have short distance between steps and foldable design makes storing convenient.

Extension ladders

Best alternative for outdoor tasks and projects like hanging Christmas lights, painting siding or accessing roof tops. These are not self-supporting, so needs to be propped against sturdy wall. Just like the name suggests, extension ladder can be expanded to large heights for higher access. Avoid using the top 3 rungs for safety reasons. Extension ladder collapses in half, so it is easy for storage.

Straight ladders

Straight ladders are similar to extension ladder and need wall support. It is often used in a library. Look for rubber feet that are slip resistant to ensure strength and safety.

Rolling ladders

Rolling ladders are generally for commercial use. Duty rating is on high side starting from Type 1 and going up to 1AA rating. Look for ladders with spring loaded casters, which provide maximum stability.

Attic ladders

Access to attic space makes it easy with a collapsible ladder. It is specially designed ladder with hinges allowing you to save space effectively.

Multipurpose ladders

Multipurpose ladders are adjustable and great for different uses. It includes functions as step ladder, straight ladder, and more. You need to select one having flared base for extra stability and support.


Contractors use this foldable structure for large scale projects. It is transported easily and allows holding tools nearby. The safety rails and lockable caster wheels offer added stability.

Common materials

Aluminium, fibreglass and wood are the popular materials used to design the different kinds of ladder.

Ladder height

  • Step ladder height ranges from 7 ft to 20 ft
  • Extension ladder height ranges from 15 ft to 40 ft

Make sure to look at the Duty rating, which provides information of how much weight the ladder can support.