Events to go to in a Limo

Most people around the world would love to go to every single occasion in a limo. However, not every single event is appropriate for a limousine. For example, dropping a child off at school in a limousine is probably not necessary. With that being said, there are a number of events where a limo is not only appropriate but nearly necessary!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

There isn’t a winner, but hiring a limo driver for a bachelor or bachelorette party may be the closest thing to a perfect match in the world. At a typical party of this nature, there is going to be heavy drinking. A lot of times, people want to continue drinking on the road and go “bar hopping”. If a limo driver is hired, no one has to be appointed the role of designated driver and everyone can relax and have fun.

Graduation (High School or College)

This one may be a bit extreme, but people should be rewarded for hard work and dedication. For a high school graduation, a limo may be a bit over the top (though not uncalled for). However, graduating from a major university seems like a logical opportunity for a night on the town with a limo.

Special Anniversary or Birthday

There is no better way to show a significant other (or family members and friends) how important they are than to get them a limo for the day. The perfect time to do this would be for a huge birthday (16, 21, 40, 50) or significant anniversary date (10 years, 25 years, etc.).


For many high school students, prom is the biggest night of their entire tenure. It seems fitting for the most important night of one’s life (until they graduate) to have a limo. Better yet, one could take their date and all of their friends in one limo.

A Family Vacation

Sometimes, it’s nice to hire a limo driver without celebrating anything. It’s fitting simply for a family vacation. Once again, it’s a once in a lifetime experience and is there really any better way to do that than with family?

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