Factors to consider when buying moisturizer cream

Cleansing the face is a daily routine which is also recommended by most dermatologists. Typical cleansing strips water and oil from the face skin hence the recommendation of Moisturize Creams. The reason why people develop wrinkles is the lack of elasticity in the skin. Water is the best solution to keep the skin hydrated, and the only way to retain the water is by the use of moisturizers. Before you purchase cream to moisturize, there are factors to consider while selecting it. These are:

Ensure the moisturizer has sunscreen

In every moisturizer, sunscreen additive is a must have. The main reason being that the rays from the sun usually rob water from the skin leaving it dehydrated. Some challenges you will have by having dry skin are:

Possibility of developing cancer

Development of wrinkles

High chances of damage to the skin

When you apply cream with sunscreen, you benefit by attaining a beautiful appearance and prevention of early indication of ageing.

Identify your skin type

Dermatologists have identified sixteen skin types by:





Every individual falls under these categories, and it will be a disaster if you put to use the cream that does not suit your skin. Carefully study your skin reactions under different environmental conditions. It will help in determining your skin type.  After the knowledge of the kind, look for moisturizers that are for that particular skin. Companies that produce the skin care always label the products with right skin type.

Go for moisturizers that have enrichment

Vitamins and minerals are essential for skin repair, elasticity and shiny appearance. A face lotion with them will work wonders on your face hence it is wise to look for creams that have been enriched to attain best results

Watch for weather changes

The period in which you shop for creams varies according to seasons in the year. You find that there are warm, hot and cold seasons. It is evident that skin does not react the same in all the seasons. Consider purchasing according to current weather condition.

Look for ingredients not price

In the cosmetic industry, the price regulation is not as in the food industry. A package may have several features in attribution to an individual product while in the real sense it is not true. Do not purchase a product due to what it can do but the ingredients rather in it. Always know that cream with many functions will always be expensive. Do not fall for the trap from the packages.


Manufacturers will exaggerate information to make sales, always research, ask around before purchasing. It will help in making the best decision in moisturizer purchasing.