Informative Guidelines On Varied Kinds Of Drill Bits

As the name suggests, Drill Bits are hard tool made of strong material to drill. There are high speed bits which are mainly used to cut harder materials or have an easier way to create a hole in any kind of harder substances.

The popular types of drill bits:

  • Twist drill:

One of the most commonly used drills, quite easier to fix in any kind of drilling tools. Its front edges cut the material straight and the spiral twists marked in its body helps to clean the debris to have a proper hole and keep the tool straight while drilling. There are many practical facts stating the wonderful uses of this drill type.

Many practical facts explain that the twist drill bits are made from High Speed Steel to endure increased temperature while the drilling is in process. The drill bits made from carbon steel are mostly used to put hole in wooden materials as they by nature are quite brittle and have lower flexibility. These kinds of drill bits are available in mainly 0.8 to 12mm in size.

  • Counterbore drill bits

It is used mainly to have a hole having a tiny diameter. It is best to hide the fastened head of the hole, and best to be used on wood and plastic materials. The cutting end of the bit is of flat blades protruding from the centre of the drill to its outer edge. The best part of using such bits helps in preventing chips and splinters of wood or of laminated surfaces. The bits are made of carbon steel, high speed steel or carbide tipped.

  • Flat bottom boring bits

They are replica of counterbore bits minus the centre drill blades. Mostly applicable to drill flat bottom blind holes having larger diameter to have holes for fixing handles of doors, locks and door knobs. It is advised not to be used on steel surface.

Before trying to buy drill bits for do it yourself projects, it will be good to know all the facts about each kind of drill bits sold highly in hardware stores. Online links are the best sources to gain the info rightly.