Are Instagram Bots Really Worth It?

Instagram is fun, isn’t it? You can post your pictures, create hashtags that generate lots of impressions and ultimately scale your business. But wait. Running a successful Instagram account isn’t that simple, especially if you have a business account. Luckily you can use bots to help you with some of the tasks. Bots;

Make it Easy for You to Track Your Followers Profile

You don’t have to spend all day online to like or reply to your follower’s comments if you have the right Instagram tools. Bots will like or add a predetermined comment in all the hashtags you’ve programmed it to. You may, for example, set the phrase “great” as the reply to your follower’s comment and so on.

Save you Lots of Time

The fact that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on your Instagram account means that you can get work done elsewhere. You can, for example, concentrate on other marketing plans without having to worry that your Instagram campaign will lag behind. Plus, liking and replying to comments is tiring especially if you have a large following.

Can Help Grow your Following

One of the reasons you’re better off using Instagram tools is that it helps create consistency. In other words, engagement with your followers continues even when you’re not actively on your Instagram. Now, you’re likely to draw more followers and likes if you keep engagement at its peak. Indeed, no one wants to follow a brand or personality who posts once every two weeks. Or one who doesn’t reply to comments.

Work Round the Clock

Once you have a bot, activity will still take place on your Instagram irrespective of your time zone. By extension, this means that regardless of your follower’s location, he/she will still experience some engagement and that’s good for business.

…even then, you must be careful when buying Instagram bots

Sure, bots and other Instagram tools are beneficial in more than one way. However, some companies that sell bots aren’t just worth it. Such an example is Instazood, a company dogged by claims of poor customer services and not so good results. In fact at, there are Instazood user reviews that suggest this company isn’t worth wasting your money on.

In conclusion, we’re living in the era of automating tasks on social media platforms including Instagram. And while there’s need to embrace the latest trends, it is essential to carry out some due diligence before spending your money.