Instagram Marketing Strategies That’ll Put you on the Map

First, if you’re not using Instagram to market your business, then you’re missing out, big time. In fact, you should start doing it right now. But if you’re already in it, the strategies below will help you get even better results.

Cross-Promote your Content

One the best ways to increase your reach on Instagram is to promote your content on other social media platforms. If you have followers on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook, it makes perfect sense to invite them to follow you on Instagram. Cross-promotion not only creates more exposure for your brand but also improves your credibility and reduces the cost of building new content.

Track your Metrics

You have to keep analyzing your performance on Instagram. After all, that’s the only way to tell if you’re improving. You see, when you have measurable results to work with, you’ll have more clarity on what to do to make your marketing campaign better. Some of the metrics to track include your follower growth rate, the engagement rate, and URL clickthrough rate.

Reach out to Your Followers

You need to engage your followers by sending them direct messages (DMs) to know what they want. By extension, this allows you to customize your content to fit their needs. It can help you find a gap in the market too. Of course, sending DMs to your followers one by one can be tiring and time-consuming especially if you have a large following. To save time, be sure to automate how and when you send DMs to your followers. Visit to read more on how to send direct messages to your followers and target market on Instagram effectively.

Use Hashtags Cleverly

Any serious social media marketer ought to know the importance of hashtags and the need to use them. However, when it comes to Instagram, you have to use them strategically. The idea is to reach as many people as possible with your content at getting them to connect to your brand. Focus on campaign-oriented and content hashtags. Don’t forget to make all your hashtags unique, catchy, short and memorable.
The Bottom Line
Instagram marketing, done right, can propel your brand and business to where you want it to be fast. But even as you embark on your marketing campaign, don’t forget to explain what your business is all about. Put differently; create a strong, noticeable bio.