A Little Information on Views & Subscribers

A Little Information on Views & Subscribers

We have all seen it, we watch a video with 10000 views and think okay that must be a solid one as it received that much engagement, but once we hit play we find out they use a robot voice over.

Any skeptical person would then look at other activity like thumbs up, thumbs down, and comments, only to find out that no one rated it, and none left a comment.

So how is it even possible that a video gets so many views but zero other user-engagement. It’s not about the quality of the video alone, it’s that the publisher of this video either bought a bunch of views for it or uses his own bot to generate views.

These videos can take up top places sometimes, you’d think Youtube is more clever than that but views are not the only ranking signal in Youtube, backlinks are just as important and did you know that your rankings go up when people embed your video?

Well, now you do.

If you own a private blog network of a few hundred sites you could easily embed the same video just as many times and Youtube will start to love your video, little do they know it’s just as artificial as buying views but it’s one of the strongest ranking signals there is.


Because most people don’t know about this or don’t realize the potential of this unique strategy to rank videos. Awesome right?

Subscribers are another way to push your videos to the top and the great thing about that is that it doesn’t just affect one of your videos, subscribers help you to grow your channel in terms of popularity and they grow every video that belongs to your channel.

It’s just a matter of finding a good enough provider so that Youtube doesn’t find out it’s all bought. So when you plan to buy such services do make sure you combine it with views, comments, and backlinks. That’s the easiest way to fool them.

How about views?

Views are a little more tricky and come in different types and sizes. I hear you thinking how can a view be sized? Well, a video has a certain length, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 10 minutes and when you buy views you can select how much of the video these bots have to view, for example, 10%, 25%, 50% and so on. It’s quite clever when you think of it really.