Here Are Reasons Enough To Catch Blue Collar Comedy

Ever wondered why despite having tight schedules as to miss gym sessions and other routine schedules you always have time to lay on your couch with a bowl full of popcorns just in time to enjoy your daily comedy? Well, one thing’s true, that light moments always tend to ease one’s stress. They say laughter is the best medicine. Stresses and negativity from everyday hustles can be easily brought home had you not try to do something about it – Comedy. Comedy lets one forget about tomorrow’s worries; it makes you sleep like a baby and also relaxes your muscle at least for a short time.

Talking of comedy films, you have not watched one yet till the day you get a chance to watch the Blue Collar Comedy Tour-hearty laugh guaranteed.  Just recently (the 2000s) this film done by Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Whitney, would be on every people living room. It took everyone world over by storm especially because other than them being funny, in their daily life they meet the same challenges that everyone relates to.

It has in the years made its way into living rooms also because these guys are very down to earth, an evidence which is hard to disagree with. Watching all the episodes and how these guys brought the usual problems so real, makes you think they understand and live the same struggles daily. Also, these characters are not the sophisticated Hollywood stars at all. They started small, and with this release, one can conclude that they are going far.

You get a healing laughter every time you watch it. It gives you the chance to view the world through its characters, and in the end enhances your self-understanding. There are those times when you just laughed out your storm, and when you watch skits from this film, you get the connection. In the process, you laugh yourself out and forget your stress and negativity for a moment. You are healed!

The Blue Collar Comedy is done by regular guys. You would believe more, anything that a friend or neighbor says, rather than a stranger, and this is what every audience who’s watched it says. For one, they look the part of the four regular guys, from their dressing code, blue jean and cowboy hat, to their conversation. In a nutshell, they are the common friends you bump onto in the streets or in the neighborhood.

Finally, the Blue Collar Comedy tour is a success because these characters are super good fellows. They stand out because when telling a joke, their timing is on point and second, their storyline is believable, making everyone to be glued throughout the skit. On the other hand, they are charismatic, and they have worked together well throughout the comedy.