The different types of paving materials

Paving or pavements are materials, which are dug or constructed in different colors, shapes, textures, and patterns to beautify your floor. They can be found both in the interior and exterior floors of the building Paving materials are broadly divided into two categories, which are the composite and the Quarried material. The example of the composite material are the bricks and the precast concretes materials while those of the quarried stone materials are granite and slate which are then cut into suitable sizes and shapes. Selecting the types of paving materials that are suitable for you requires some factors that need to be considered. These factors include the cost of material, ease of installation among others. This article explains the types of paving material that are available and that we think will be your taste.


This type of paving is classified under the Quarried type. They are widely available with varieties of color, sizes, and shapes. However, they are easy to work with and are usually inexpensive but the only disadvantage is that they need to be washed regularly to remove a stain.


This is another type of paving material. It is also less expensive, it is available in different shapes, sizes, and color and it is very attractive. It soft textures make it unique and loving. It is easy to install. It is suitable when they are installed indoor. The only disadvantage is it is usually affected by the effect of moisture and heat and by this cannot be used outdoor or in areas with unfavorable climate.


Gravel is another type of paving material that is gotten from the quarry. It is easily installed and can be the best idea for informal and temporary landscape design. Gravel are usually in various forms and can be more attractive if they are well layered. It requires a high level of maintenance because of its instability underfoot and it can be unattractive when it is not maintained properly. It is less expensive when compared to the other types of paving material.


Granite is larger when compared with the gravel and it is appropriate for formal gardens. It has a variety of colors more than any other paving material They are beautiful, durable, and require little or no maintenance. They are very attractive if they are arranged properly. They can be very expensive because of the difficulties faced when it been dug from the quarry and requires great experts to work with it. You can try this material if you are in love with color mixture.


Limestone has a very soft and fine texture, which makes it unique and very attractive. It is finely grained which makes it beautiful when cut and shaped for paving. It has limited colors when compared to granite and sandstone. It is uncommon and this makes it very expensive. It is not durable because of its chemical composition which, makes it easily destroyed by acid rain.


Sandstone is an excellent paving material, which is suitable for all kinds of landscape because of the variance in color. It is less expensive when compared to the other type. It can be easy to work with and more durable than stone and granite paving.

These are the types of paving Materials that we have, and they are classified under the quarried paving material