Types of rowing machines to consider when buying

It is a common belief that a good vacation can only be had if water is involved. This is why people flock to the beaches, drop by lakes to fish and do a whole lot of other things. Indeed you will have lots of fun out in the water. Nevertheless, terms and conditions apply. There is no way you will go boat rowing without a good a rowing machine to use. Unfortunately choosing the best rowing machines is not as easy as taking a walk in the park. There are so many types, brands and models to select from. Rest assured that you will be totally spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out the one that you want to take away with you.

Types of rowing machines

Basically there are four types of rowing machines that are available in the market. They all come with their distinctive differences mainly in the way that they create resistance. When you want to buy the finest machines you will have to take some time to consider the various types that are available. These include the hydraulic, air, water and magnetic rowers. So which one is the best for you?

The hydraulic rowing machine employs hydraulic cylinders which are connected to the end of the handle. They are generally a great option for people who do not have much space in their homes of storing the rower. Hydraulic rowers are often slightly smaller than the other types. The only problem with these ones is that they are not as realistic in their action. For instance the seat and the handle are normally in a fixed position. They only allow for a fixed hand movement backwards and forward. On top of that there is no leg drive which is vital in rowing.

The air rowers are usually listed among the best rowing machines in the market. They cover the downside of the hydraulic rowers. They provide for a very realistic rowing experience and they always tend to be quite authentic. This is a plus for professionals as well as casual users who wish to practice actual rowing on water. They are commonly used by athletes.

Power and performance

The magnetic rowing machine is favored mainly because they are quite noiseless when compared to the other rowing machines. This one is also more realistic than the hydraulic rower but the power it offers is not as good. It is the quietest of the rowers listed here. Its only problem is the fact that the electromagnets do not allow for the adjustment of resistance. It is not as good as the air rower.

Water rowers are the best of them all. They create their resistance using an actual paddle that moves around inside a water tank. There are for the purist who wants better performance while out in the water. They are the best rowing machines but then they are incredibly expensive compared to the others. Be that as it may, they are well worth that price.

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