Understanding Different Types of Sink – Buying the Best sink That Suits Your Needs

When buying sinks for kitchen or bathroom, the focus is always on the material more than the brand of sink. No sink comes with attached faucets and taps. You must always count the number of holes and drills that come along with the sink.

If you already have a sink and you need to buy a new faucet, then you must make sure that it matches the holes and drills of the existing one. The easiest thing about sink installation is that it can be mounted, replaced, and repaired easily. The replacement parts can be bought from a hardware shop or the manufacturer of the sink.

Sink types for kitchen and bathroom

  • Stainless steel sink is ideal in the kitchen
  • Enamel sinks are easier to clean but can crack when heavy weight is dropped on them
  • Solid stone sinks are the most robust sinks that can be used along the counter tops
  • Double bowl sinks provide more space for placing items and support large items
  • If you want to reduce splashing of water, use a deeper sink that is 6 to12 inches deep
  • Glass and ceramic sinks are ideal for bathroom. They enhance the beauty but need maintenance
  • Top mounts, under mounts, pedestal sinks, and vessel bowls are ideal for bathrooms
  • Troughs, double bowls, farmhouse, and under mounts are suitable for kitchen

Style and material of sink

The kitchen sink comes in the standard stainless steel variety. However, you can choose a material of different make and design for a bathroom sink. The materials used could be plastic, clay, acrylic, carved natural stones like granite, porcelain, glass, copper, and other metals. Pimp My Sink offers wide collection of sinks with unique designs and varieties.

When buying a sink, you can also choose colors, shape, and the type of faucet that goes well with the design. Use porcelain or glass if you are careful about not dropping any item into them. Always choose the size of the sink that fits the given space. Never choose a large sized sink to fit into a bathroom of any size.


Sinks and faucets add beauty to kitchen and bathroom. Especially, when you have to design your bathroom, these are the types of sinks you can look into. All the sinks are tested for weight and temperature. If you are buying online, make sure you research well.